Regardless of whether you’re not effectively searching for an occupation, it’s continuously worth refreshing your resume and looking at what ranges of abilities different organizations in your industry are searching for.

Doing this is much simpler with the assistance of the many quests for new employment portals out there. Be that as it may, did you realize the distinctive pursuit of employment destinations offer various focal points and highlights?

In this guide, we will share and discuss the best job posting sites in Malaysia. Take note that the list is in no particular order or ranking

Let’s dive right in!


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Top 10 Best Job Posting Sites In Malaysia (Updated For 2020)


1. Indeed


best job posting sites in malaysia


Without a doubt, Indeed is the #1 job portal around the world, with more than 150 million unique guests for each month. Indeed is accessible in over 50 nations and 28 languages, covering 94% of worldwide GDP. Since 2004, Indeed has given occupation searchers free access to a great many employments from a large number of organization sites and job boards. As the main pay-for-performance recruitment advertising system, Indeed drives a large number of focused candidates to employment in each field and is the most cost-effective contender for a large number of organizations.

Obviously, in case you’re just keen on sending your application to the most number of available positions out there without considering organization culture or systems administration, look no further than Indeed. 

Indeed is a goliath database of about each job posting accessible on the web. It even gathers postings that show up on different portals like JobStreet or JobsDB. By doing this, you get the most complete rundown of open positions without burrowing around online to an extreme. 

The only drawback it has is, the look and feel of the website are a bit outdated, and the search engine is not very easy to use.

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2. Glassdoor




Glassdoor offers successful enrolling and employer branding arrangements by means of Glassdoor for Employers. They help more than 2,000 companies and accomplices elevate their employer image to up-and-comers exploring them and publicize their business to perfect job seekers who may not know about them. What separates Glassdoor from other job portals is the nature of occupation they convey and their effect on up-and-comers’ choices as they inquire about employment and organizations. 

Pursuit of employment destinations are places where potential bosses find potential candidates, yet imagine a scenario where forthcoming employees need to find out about potential organizations. Glassdoor gives that by having an employee reviews area. 

Employees can audit their managers and let potential workers find a prospective organization directly from the individuals who work there. This is particularly valuable for things that are hard to know without working there like office culture, area convenience, hazardous colleagues, or other comparative subtleties. However, you need to be a member of the website to browse through company reviews.

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3. Google for Jobs


Google Jobs


Google aims to arrange the world’s data and make it all around available and helpful. Google esteems the candidate experience and is centered around giving employments that are generally pertinent and helpful for work searchers in arrangement with that mission. 

Currently, when a client enters a pursuit of employment as their search inquiry, Google perceives this as a pursuit of employment and will give a proper rundown of significant occupations inside another interface explicit to quest for new employment. The client will have access to filter occupations by area, title, classification or type, date posted, or whether it’s full-or part-time, in addition to other things. Not a drawback, but in the future, we hope to see Google implement a review section on companies to provide jobseekers with more information about a company.

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4. myStarJobs


best job posting sites in malaysia


A fresh job portal with upgraded administrations is anticipating work searchers and employers, with the point of turning into their definitive profession and ability resource. The new product offerings leverage on The Star Media Group’s incorporated media stage, extending from print to advanced and online arrangements. 

The new offers an assortment of new highlights, for example, a redid web-based interface, a Career Guide in The Star paper just as on the web, and preparing to empower managers to enroll quality talent, yet in addition, create and hold them for the advancement of the organization. 

Alongside the entrenched enlistment promotions print pullout, a week after week 12-page Career Guide will fill in as a significant asset for talents looking for proficient counsel and openings and for associations to utilize this chance to profile their association to draw in talent and build the reputation. The downside for this portal is,

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5. Mau Kerja


best job posting sites in malaysia


This site is a relative newcomer to the scene. However, it has a lot of potential. The site’s interface is extremely inviting with cute mascots and effectively navigable menus. Significant data is spread out flawlessly too. 

Right now, MauKerja is useful for those searching for part-time occupations or contract employment in case you’re in the middle of employment or sitting tight for your exam results to turn out. While it has postings for increasingly genuine, profession building work, it’s not yet as broad from what has been found. This may change later on as the site gets progressively known, obviously.

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6. JobStreet


best job posting sites in malaysia


Propelled in 1997, has developed to become one of the leading internet recruitment sites in the Asia-Pacific, reforming how job enlistment is done today. offers an extensive suite of intelligent recruitment services. Worldwide and neighborhood Asian companies enroll from’s ever-expanding pool of top ability and deal with their recruitment procedure through extraordinarily created programming applications by means of the internet. Jobstreet is an extraordinary site for enrolling in Malaysia. The CV database alone is worth looking at for enrollment specialists, and jobseekers will value the data concerning the various organizations and profession understanding. The old-fashioned UI may be hard to navigate, but if you can look past that, then you have thousands of potential recruitments available to you.

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7. StartUp Jobs


best job posting sites in malaysia


Ever considered what it resembles to work at a startup? StartUp Jobs plan to assist dynamic new companies with talent securing. In the expressions of founder Ben Chew, StartUp Jobs needs to make startup vocations ‘sexier’ and all the more engaging to jobseekers. With the objective of “Building world-class companies in Asia, one talent at a time”, Startup Jobs Asia seems to be something beyond a vocation portal for new companies. The administration hopes to give new businesses more influence when connecting with talent. Jobseekers can scan for employment opportunities by glancing through a rundown of dynamic new businesses. On the other hand, work searchers could look for openings by the sorts of occupations available, which ranges from IT to marketing. However, it is only a great choice if you are keen to work in a startup company.

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best job posting sites in malaysia or Wobb (Working On Bean Bags) is not your average job hunting portal. The site lists out employers according to their organizations, and employment seekers can have a sneak peek of the inside of the workplace and furthermore a more intensive gander at the individuals and working society before sending in their applications. The group just released their versatile application not long ago so clients can go after positions anyplace, whenever—in a Tinder-ish style. Rather than experiencing the repetitive procedure of sending a list of qualifications and filling job application forms, the Wobb application will convey your curriculum vitae in a split second to your preferred organization. Although it is easy to use and has a modern UI, there are comparatively lesser number of job postings in this portal. So the choices provided for jobseekers are limited.

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9. Monster


best job posting sites in malaysia


Monster is one of the most seasoned activity sheets around since it was made in 1994. Depending upon the nation, the site has various particularities and exposure. In Malaysia, the generalist job board gets 231,440 visits every month and keeps its 6,222 Facebook, and 658 Twitter devotees refreshed. The job board has a fascinating website, and it makes a firm remain on women in the workforce with a blog segment and employment segment only for them. Employment bids are anything but difficult to get to (yet not generally updated). Since Asian nations have an elevated level of vulnerable employment, it’s nothing unexpected to see various obviously checked “contract jobs”.

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10. FastJobs


best job posting sites in malaysia


FastJobs is a mobile application that interfaces non-executive occupation searchers to solid businesses rapidly. With only a tap, candidates can go after positions offered by a large number of confided in bosses in Malaysia, over all divisions! 

Gain admittance to energizing employment opportunities across full-time, part-time, and contract jobs! New up-and-comers can without much of a stretch register for an account and make an expert resume with the application. 

Begin securing positions close to home or essentially find employment dependent on your preferences. With FastChat in-application, managers and shortlisted applicants can communicate continuously and get a response. Since its a relatively new application that has just ventured into the market, the availability of a wide variety of positions is limited.

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Since you know a wide range of recruitment portals now, you can use them to assist yourself with getting another line of work. We wish you good luck in your future undertakings! 😊