Happy New Year from all of us here at Kairos.

It looks like 2019 is already shaping out to be a year filled with new products and updates, as Adobe have released their new Creative Cloud 2019 edition for purchase.

We have gotten our hands on the new CC 2019 and here’s what is new and improved in the latest edition:

1.  A new, super-simple, cross-device video editing for newbs.

One of the newer tools to be released is the Adobe Premier Rush CC which basically is a cross-device video editing app that’s simple to learn and use.

Premier Rush allows you to quickly capture videos, edit videos and add color, audio, and motion graphics all with a simplistic, minimalist interface

that is available on multiple platforms including iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

So if you’re one who doesn’t consider yourself as a tech-savvy guy, then this is the one app that you should definitely have in your toolbox. 



2.  Photoshop gets powered by AI.

Adobe Photoshop CC is getting its own improvements with new Content-Aware Fill workspace powered by Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s very own AI). Photoshop is also getting a new undo and auto-resizing options, a brand new Frame Tool for creating image placeholders, Symmetry Painting for creating artwork with mirrored brushstrokes (pretty cool) and also a new Home screen with super-simple tutorials that helps makes your life easier.



3.  Lightroom makes it easier to transfer photos from Apple devices.

Adobe Lightroom CC gets a new Apple Photos migrator which helps importing your Apple Photos library to Lightroom. Lightroom also gets a new People View which provides better organization along with improvements to its search. The new Share tab is also another new addition to Lightroom which is convenient for transferring your content onto other platforms. 


4.  Illustrator gets support for photorealistic Freeform gradients and more.

Support for photorealistic Freeform gradients is one of the newer things in the Adobe Illustrator CC. Along with that, new global edits, an Adobe fonts integration and a customizable toolbar that makes it much simpler for you to do your work just the way you like it to be as an illustrator.


5.  InDesign gets powered by AI too.

Similar to Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC is getting its very own Content-Aware Fit feature that is supported by the Adobe Sensei AI. 


6.  Dimension enters a new dimension of rendering.

Adobe Dimension CC gets a new rendering engine that has improved its performance and a better integration with both Photoshop and Illustrator.


7.  Now you can create commands for voice-powered devices like the Amazon Echo.

Using the latest features that is added to Adobe XD, you can now create new experiences for voice-powered devices like Amazon’s Echo easier than ever before.




Updating from a previous CC version?

Keep in mind that, upon upgrading your CC applications to the latest version, the Adobe CC Desktop Application will automatically uninstall any prior CC versions you have installed on your machine. However your presets and preferences will still be safe as they will be migrated accordingly. Third-party plugins for your prior installation of Adobe CC on the other hand, will be uninstalled. Be sure to check whether your plug-in has support for CC 2019 before upgrading to ensure a smooth transition.


“What if I do not like the new Adobe CC 2019 and wish to go back?”

In the event of using the latest Adobe CC 2019, if you experience any problems or just wish to return to using an older version of Adobe CC which you’re comfortable with, fret not as you will still be able to have access to CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015, CC 2014, and CC 2013 for free.

If you’re an old soul there’s even support for CS6 versions if that’s what you need. It’s all available on this Online Archive from ProDesignTools, go check them out! They have all the latest news on Adobe Products. If you’re new to Adobe, and wish to try out some of the products Adobe offers, you may download the Free 7-Day Trial for all the Adobe CC 2019 Products. Once you’ve decided to subscribe to Adobe, you can easily just sign in with your Adobe Account and your Adobe product will be licensed, there’s no need for reinstalling.


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